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Watching Yuzuru’s WR-breaking Sochi performance, and I’m wondering…how exactly are points distributed in figure skating? I know losing your balance and falling on your ass makes you lose a lot of points, but what do you have to do in order to get a high score? 










I turned into a motherfucking Titan.
How do you think it was?


im yotsuba :3

im panty from panty and stocking, but i pretty much was already her to begin with, not much changed

I’m Yuki from Tsuritama

im motherfucking hamtaro motherfucker. 
goin on all the adventures with my fuzzly little hamster friends

Noa Izumi from Patlabor…
Alphonse comin’ through motherfuckers.

Read Char no Nichijou at the wrong time.. Now I`m Char, oh well least I have a great butt now. 

I fucked up, made a really bad choice, got my friends killed, turned into a titan and I got fucking eaten. I got fucking eaten FOR A SECOND TIME. Don’t. Ask. Me. How. It. Was.

I’m Nanase Haruka from Free!
Excuse me while I wallow in angst because my former childhood swimming friend told me he didn’t want to swim with me anymore. 

back the fuck off i s2g i will use the thermos u piece of shit



someone literally named an asteroid after jean valjean are you fucking kidding me

now we know why javert spends so much time looking at the stars

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My insomnia is getting the best of me. So instead of mindlessly trolling Facebook, I’ve decided to post a list of all the things they DON’T tell you about your first year at UC Davis. Soooo here it goes:


1. Your bike will be your main source of transportation. Until it gets cold, windy and rainy. All. Winter. Quarter. Take the bus.

2. The freshman 15 IS real. Utilize the gym. And don’t eat late night. Every night.

3. Just because you’ve graduated high school does not somehow automatically make you “the shit”. You’re still only a freshman. Get over it.

4. But do take advantage of being a freshman. Take pointless fun classes. Blame your ignorance on it.

5. Don’t wait till the last minute to find out where you’re going to be living 2nd year. Chances are, your first plan will not be the one you end up with.

6. If you want to go Greek, go Greek. If not, don’t. But don’t talk shit on it if you have no clue what it’s actually like. You’ll just end up looking stupid when you shit talk a frat or sorority to someone actually IN said organization.

7. You’re not going to get the classes you want like they told you at orientation. Period.

8. Cuarto is NOT the shit whole it’s made out to be. I had a bigger room in a double than half the kids in a triple in Tercero and Segundo. And a bathroom in my room. And a shoe closet.

9. Don’t hook up with people on your floor. Building. Or living area. That DC encounter every day will suck.

10. And don’t hook up with every single brother of a frat. That will also come back to haunt you.

11. Or sports team. Feel free to expand amongst different organizations. But within one? Just no.

12. You WILL drink more plastic bottle alcohol than you’d ever wish to in your life. It happens.

13. Be frugal. Use aggie cash whenever possible. You never know when you’ll need some extra cash. Like when you have to pay yet ANOTHER TAPS ticket.

14. If you live in cuarto, take your car.

15. Don’t try and stay with a bf or gf from high school. Especially if you went away and they stayed local. They don’t call it thanksgiving break-up for nothing.

16. People don’t actually cow tip.

17. Take lots of pictures. You’ll want to go back at the end of the year and look through them.

18. The quarter system is THE most unforgiving bitch out there. Do NOT fall behind. You will hate your life.

19. AP in high school = good. AP in college = BAD. You don’t not want to be on academic probation. 3 strikes and you out.

20. In college, a B+, B, and B- are 3 completely different grades with completely different GPA weights. That + now actually means something. And in some cases can determine A LOT.

21. You’re not going to get straight A’s and still have a social life like in high school. You have to pick one.

22. Or sleep for that matter. Cherish those in between class naps.

23. You will develop a love hate relationship with the library. You may think you won’t ever need to study there, but you will.

24. You WILL do homework.

25. And actually read entire textbooks.

26. Spend the time and money to really fill your dorm with things you love. You will get homesick and having things from home will help.

27. You won’t get to homesick at first. And then you’ll get sick for the first time away from home. You will want nothing more than to go home when that happens.

28. Don’t. Stick it out. It will pay off in the end.

29. Join a club.

30. Play intermurals

31. It may seem hard to make friends at first. But give it a few weeks. You’ll get closer with people.

32. Don’t stress……. To much. So you failed your first test? Got a D? It happens. C’s get degrees.

33. But don’t just try and slide on by. This isn’t high school. Grad school is hard to get into.

Okay yeah that’s it for now! I’ll add onto this list as I think of more. And any incoming freshman feel free to message me about anything regarding your first year at Davis or even college for that matter :)

I’m going to disagree with no. 2 about the Freshmen 15, because it doesn’t apply to everybody since everyone’s bodies are different. For example, for people like me who have ectomorph-type bodies and fast metabolisms, the Freshmen 15 does not apply to us.